Ladies Advocating Christian Entertainment affectionately known as L.A.C.E. is a non-profit self supporting community service organization.  Dedicated to the elimination of Hunger.

L.A.C.E. was founded in September of 1989.  Our mission is to promote, produce and support Clean entertainment.  Clean entertainment being defined as events and functions where families can come together and be entertained.  Musicals, concerts, fashion shows, plays and other family shared activities.

In the process of bringing families together, it was discovered that some families with small and school aged children, some seniors and some low income families were victims of non sufficient food supply.  Children were being under fed and in some cases not being fed at all for days.

Understanding the need for emergency food assistance, L.A.C.E. created an emergency food supply program.  In November of 1990 the emergency food program "FOOD for FAMILIES" was created.  A promise was made to the Las Vegas community by the volunteer staff of L.A.C.E...NOT TO LET A CHILD GO TO BED HUNGRY.

L.A.C.E. is not funded by the City, State, nor the County.  All of our finances are generated by contributions, donations, and fundraisers.

In order to continue our effective service to this community, WE NEED YOUR HELP.

A pledge of one dollar a week, fifty two dollars a year will allow the uninterrupted flow of emergency food to the less fortunate residents of this community.

Together we can make a difference.  Thank you for your support.

Respectfully Yours,

Joyce Eatman Clark





L.A.C.E. ("Ladies Advocating Christian Entertainment")

P.O. Box 570163

Las Vegas, NV 89157

Phone:  (702) 362-3387

Email:  lace12@bigplanet.com


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